Tornet GameChanger TGC


Tornet GameChanger is a foldable simulation cockpit add-on for your Gaming/Office chair. Your swivel chair turns into a fully equipped sim racing cockpit within seconds.

Thanks to its unique design features, TGC can easily be collapsed and be folded to the back of your chair. Thus you can use your chair as a regular gaming/office chair.

* Wheel and Pedal Sets are not included.

Funktionen & Vorteile /

Features & Benefits

  •   Alles in Einem: Tornet Game Changer TGC1 kann direkt an Ihrem Spiel-/ Arbeitsstuhl angeschlossen werden. Auch für WR komfortabel anwendbar / All in one: Tornet Game Changer TGC1 can be mounted directly to your gaming / office chair. Also delivers the best portable solution for VR.

  •   Vormontiert / Pre-assembled

  •   Sehr kompakt / Highly compact construction

  •   Einfache Montage am Stuhl ohne Werkzeug möglich / Easy seat-mount

    without tools

  •   Schnelle Anwendbarkeit, schnelles Umklappen / Quick application, fast

    fold-up in 50 seconds

  •   Platz sparend, da TGC1 direkt am Stuhl montiert wird / When mounted,

    TGC1 saves space

  •   Kompatibel für alle Arbeits-/ Rennsportdrehstühle / Compatible with most swivel office and gaming chairs on the market

  •   Sehr leicht, da viele Materialien aus Aluminium / Most parts are made of aluminum to provide very light construction

  •   Sehr stabil, sehr robust, hochwertige Materialien / Highly sturdy, very robust structure, made of high quality materials

  •   Viele Einstellmöglichkeiten und damit optimale Sitzposition / Many adjustment possibilities to assure the optimal seating position.

  •   Gute Oberflächenverarbeitung, teils Pulverund teils Chrombeschichtung / Good surface finish, partly powder and partly chrome coating

  •   Leichtes Aufund Zuklappen durch Gasfedern / Easily folds/unfolds using gas springs

  •   Wheel, pedals and chair are not included.

  •   Kompaktes Design / Compact design

  •   Patent angemeldet / Patent pending. Design and technical features can be

    changed by Griffon Ltd.


Verpackungsinformationen / Packing Details

Abmessungen / Sizes (L x Bx H) / (L x W x H):
1220mm/49.90” x 490mm/20.04“ x 190mm/7.77“
Gewicht netto / Net Weight:
11.8 kg
Gewicht brutto / Gross Weight:
13.8 kg

Kompatibilität / CompatibilityComputer & Game Consoles

PC, Mac®, Sony Playstation® Models, Microsoft® Xbox® Models

Racing Wheels &

Pedal Sets

Fanatec® Wheel Bases / Racing Wheels / Pedal Sets

Logitech® G25 / G27 / G29 / G920 / Pedal Sets

Thrustmaster®-Wheel / Pedal Sets